Christmas accessories bundle

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This is our christmas accessories bundle. (Deal of a lifetime!)

The bundle includes the following products:

  • Black Smoke Eco Bamboo toothbrush, 3-pack
  • Black Smoke Socks for feet, 3-pack
  • Black Smoke garbage Watch
  • Black Smoke Basic polarized shades
  • Black Smoke Jupiter shades

Eco bamboo toothbrush × 3

Our first Eco-product! No pandas were harmed making this product!

In stock

Garbage Watch

This is a regular watch that tells you the time. It is also very good looking, brown leather strap and stainless steel with matte black finish.

In stock

Socks for feet - 3pack

Socks, one-size, (fits about 38-44), 3-pack. Three different colors: black, grey, white. One package includes one of each.

Basic sunglasses Boss Black

Nice sunglasses. Polarized lens.

In stock

Jupiter shades

UV400 protection sunglasses. Polarized lens.



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