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Breaking the first engine of the season

I was writing a final post about the last modifications to the new engine for this season but since we already broke it i decided to write this one first. So we already have been to two “driving” events this season, very early for us, Elmia in Jönköping Sweden and Seinäjoki in Finland. We had…

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Engine development

The piston

As we told you last time we have some improvements planned for next season to the CDI engine. Jesse will make a post with more technical details later but here’s a teaser about what we have planned. Jesse dissembling the om648 The first upgrade Jesse wanted to do was modifying the fuel line. He and…

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Cardiac transplant 1/2. Donor car, fitting & Piping

We had a great garage day on saturday and got a lot done. As you may have heard we will “Loan” the engine and gearbox from the w123 to the new w203 to save time. The w123 won’t be needed in the spring months so we will have more time to fix a new engine…

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