Plans for the rebuild 2011

Some plans for the next season, what we are going to do to the car..

A charger is going to be mounted, Eaton m90, which will give very good torque at low rpm and on higher rpms Garrett Gt40 will make some serious boost :D. Soinis Mercedes guys will make a gearbox, which is totally modified from a Mercedes automatic gearbox, 722,6 and then I can shift without clutch and on full throttle.. I´m very exited about the modifcations, that we will make to the car, so watch out Nissan and Toyota guys!


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  • Thanasis

    hello my friend, my name is thanasis and i icome from greece, your car is crazy and your engine very strong, because i have a garage station andi fixed scania r 500 and mercedes actros. what air pressure does your engine work with garrett gt40

  • Christian

    mercedes diesel competing against japanese cars in drifting, PERFEKT!
    The eaton charger and the automatic gearbox sounds like a realy good idea, hope to se more movies with this car soon.
    Good luck! // Swedish Mercedes diesel fan


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