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If you’re a frequent visitor of our blog, you might have noticed a new logo has popped up on the right. We’ve got a great new partner on the media side.


Canon & GoPro – www.kuva-jarvinen.com

Me and Joni have done a lot of hard work, every video takes a while to both shoot & edit. The workflow has been a great problem and learn by doing is the kind of school we went to… However we both think that with more and better equipment we’ll also get the workflow, as we then have to think thoroughly what to use and where. With this huge upgrade we just might get better results. We’d very much also like to put out the videos faster, but as both of us have a lot going on, this is pretty much the best we can do.

Good prices and fast service! Kuva Järvinen- www.kuva-jarvinen.com



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