Täältä löydät sisällöt jotka oli meidän mielestä tarpeeksi tärkeitä jotta ne päätyisi verkkosivuille.

  • Preparing for stuff without bus! – 46-2020
    Bus is broken, which means we need some other form of transportation, Teemu bought a trailer but everything is not upside down. Kalle and…
  • Engine mounts and Milwaukee stuff
    The turbo broke in Jurva because our engine mounts were not good enough. In this episode we mount new ones, at least they look…
  • 44-2021 – Jurva Championship
    Check out our Mercedes race parts! The CDI engine we consider almost figured out, we have already started to roll out the parts for…
  • 43-2020 – How to fit the engine
    The car is put back together before the Jurva competition last summer. First some advertisment… You need some stickers! And then the video!
  • 42-2020 – New imporved engine
    Teemu and Kalle puts together the new and improved racing turbo diesel engine. Some quite expensive improvments and a completley new enging build. First…
  • 41-2020 – Kemora testday!
    Joulumyynti vielä päällä! And here you go, the video! Enjoy.
  • 40-2020 – Preparing for testday!
    Christmas sale is on! Check out this package! And here you go, the video! Enjoy.
  • 39-2020 EPUA Drifting + Black Friday SALE
    5€ Cap with coupon ”blackfriday” Also here is what you came here for! 😉 First driving video of the short 2020 season, enjoy!
  • Boot finally ready! | 38-2020
    Pre Black Friday sale 20-21 November -25% use code #preblackfriday in the webshop!
  • Episode 36/2020
    Autumn is here, pick some warmer stuff from our shop to put on! Since you are here to watch the video with the coupon…
  • Garbage garage 34-2020
  • 8 kg filler and a angle grinder 33-2020
    Teemu start to fix the back of the car and Kalle is struggling with the diff.Release discount -15% in the shop with coupon ”332020”…
  • Preparing the boot to make the mold 32-2020
    Teemu is fixing the boot for the mold and Teemu and Kalle inspect som new parts that arrived.Release discount -15% in the shop with…
  • Building the rear | 31-2020
    Fixing the aesthetic on the car. Teemu is acting as the architect. Release discount – 15% in the shop with coupon ”312020”
  • Dismantling the boot of racecar and cleaning Garbage garage 30-2020
    Special offer for the shop below the video!
  • More garage videos! 29-2020
    Without any further introduction, here is more from the garbage garage! Please have a look at our merch and shop! 🙂 Hard times now!