Lasse Kalliokoski

Janette Kukkola

Teemu Peltola


If you’ve ever attended a race where Black Smoke Racing have participated you’ve most certaily seen Teemu Peltola both beneath the Mercedes and inside it.

If Teemu isn’t racing or fixing the race-car, he’s probably working like a maniac, he runs a business with a lot of telescopic handlers and provides lifting, snow-plowing etc. so if you need help with some lifting (in Kokkola) you should certaily call him.

Patrik Wargh

Is often seen with a camera, filming the team or behind the computer editing the video. Contact:

Joni Uunila

Joni keeps the webshop running together with Jyrki, he also makes sure we have our marketing in order. Contact:

Jyrki Määttä