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Teemu Peltola


If you’ve ever attended a race where Black Smoke Racing have participated you’ve most certaily seen Teemu Peltola both beneath the Mercedes and inside it.

If Teemu isn’t racing or fixing the race-car, he’s probably working like a maniac, he runs a business with 4 machines and provides lifting, snow-plowing etc. (please send us the proper english name of these machines), so if you need help with some hardcore lifting (in Kokkola) you should certaily call him.

Patrik Wargh

Is often seen with a camera, filming the team or behind the computer editing the videos. Patrik also posts on our facebook-page, our instagram, twitter and the website, the association and the sponsors along with every other media work. Contact:,

Joni Uunila

A valuable person in the team, has coded the whole website. Joni is also great photographer and a truly enthusiastic media guy. Joni also tends to the website and all other media issues. Contact:,

Jesse Haapala

Jesse is our main mechanic, you can read a lot of his posts on the new cdi engine in the blog.

Emil Ahola

Emil knows welding, as a transport planner he also knows the roads and is a splendid bus-driver. Emil is also a good mechanic.

Marttin Sorvisto

Mara on mara!

Hannu Peltola

Teemus dad, without Hannu we would not be able to do anything.

Anton Björkskog

Is one of our mechanics and a very valued member of our team, Anton has been around from the start and really knows both our weaknesses, the cars weaknesses and how it should be (:D) Anton works in the transport business and does a lot of heavy lifting on the gym, he also acts as our designated car-jack if the ordinary should be broken.

Teemu Siipo


Niko Svenfelt

On se…

9 replies on “the Team

    • Joni

      Vi tänkte först köra sidan på finska, svenska och engelska men vi gav ganska snabbt upp och gjorde den bara på engelska. Vad vill du veta på svenska?

      • Joakim Östman

        He hoppar upp na vitan ruto ovanför texten som man ska läsa tå man surfar me ipad, som typ na banner eli na som e vit o int gar ti ta bort. Annars nice work

  • jonte

    hejsan, har sett på en av era bilder hur ni kopplat wiregas på pumpen direkt? kan det stämma?
    har funderat på en liknande lösning på min w201 och vore tacksam för lite extra info om hur ni gjort osv!

    mvh /jonte

  • yaya

    I am very impress your work and thank you for all your video,
    I would like to ask you about the turbo by what I decide to do the same project as yours.
    I change my mercedes W124, and I put a om606 engine with turbo and Hx55 supercherger M112 pomp and change in dieselmeken. If you have a private address I can send you some pictures of my work.
    I finish the whole project but I do not pressure the turbo!.
    I put an exhaust manifold 6 in 1, the turbo is new but I can not seem to exceed 1.5 bar Max but it’s thanks to the supercharger.
    Can you tell me if you have devised to offer me thank you because I think it’s the turbo that is too big but I would like to have opinions.
    What is your turbo in your Mercedes C? Hx 55?

    Thank you for your answer.

  • Emil

    Hejsan alla kedjerykare,

    Jag har en liten fundering ang växellådor till rykande mercor. Vad finns det för lådor inom mercedes som klarar av en säg preppad 605a ca 300-350 frustande hingstar? Gärna med uttag för wire också.. Tanken är att komma enkelt undan med min w201 som just nu rullar med om 605.911 med 5vxl manuell låda. Tack på förhand/ Emil (Jämtland)


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